We are a Sicilian Italian boy and a Shanghainese Chinese girl who fell in love in the beautiful Berlin. Very soon we’ve found out that travel and food are our two biggest passions. Together we’ve gone through many adventures and we’ve learned a lot about the world. Traveling made us more curious about food, and food made us want to travel more and more. We are also proud of our origins and keen to discover and learn everything about our home cuisine, both from China and from Italy.
With this blog we want to share some of what we’ve learnt and the results of our experiments. We want to share the Italian and Chinese way of cooking, without teaching anything and encouraging our readers to find their own way of cooking and eat what they like and not what others tell them to like.

We will also share our travel experiences and try to give all the possible good tips and tricks to get the best out of the places we visited and we will visit.

We hope our readers will give us their view on our recipes, sending us their critics and praises. But as Dale Carnegie said: “be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise.”

Have a good reading,

Peppe and Minmin

we EAT, we COOK, we travel & DISCOVER MORE…