French delicacies in Hamburg: Piment

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We were in need of a venue to celebrate a special occasion. Well, I was told by an experienced senior German diner that Piment is the best one among all the five 1 Michelin star restaurants in Hamburg.
It’s a rainy and cold night, I am already late and have to call for a taxi not to let Peppe wait forever in the restaurant sipping champaign.

Piment is a small restaurant located in the lovely Eppendorf, a hip district in Hamburg.

“I see, you’ve already started drinking without me!”

“Of course, a bit of alcohol makes time go faster”

There are two waiters in the restaurant and they speak French to each other. Already a good presentation I would say for a French restaurant. The younger of the two approaches us speaking German, but he quickly realises that this doesn’t work out very well with us. He then switches to English and explains us that we can choose between two fixed menus: Piment Menu and Nouri’s Menu. Obviously we take both of them due to our mania of trying all that there is to try in any place. It’s fair to say that the two menus only differ in a couple of dishes, while they mostly feature the same dishes.

Onion Pizza

As a sweet start for our delightful food journey, a complimentary finger food is presented to us.
After a long day in the office Peppe is famished and the little delicious appetiser makes him even hungrier. Using a very good English the waiter explains us each dish. Well actually he just lists the ingredients, we would have loved a little more effort, but we compensate the missing information with our imagination.


“Peppe, you took all of the butter! I almost didn’t taste it!”

“I cannot stop eating this fruity and sour butter!”. Peppe replied with a wink. “But there is too much flour on the bread.”

Then we peacefully SHARE the rest of bread and carrot paste.


As a second complimentary appetiser,  we get a pineapple covered with ginger foam and tandoori jelly on the top as decoration.

“I have to say this Chef is very good at manipulating the flavours”

Meanwhile the restaurant gets busier and busier with happy retired people, spending their usual night at the restaurant.


Peppe’s Course 1: Foíe Gras
With Flavour of Tajine

“Wow, this Foíe Gras has the ice-cream on the top! So tasty, I think I’ve already felt in love with this restaurant”


My Course 1:Flamed Mackerel
Radish – Gingergranité

“Well, I didn’t expect to have kimchi in a French restaurant,” I am quite surprised after the waiter serves my first course and explains what’s that.”hmmm, I think there is coriander in the kimchi. The granité is also so tasty.”

“What an asian experience for your dish.”

Those glass plates have quite a unique shape, different from each other, so I guess it could be handmade. As we hear from the next table, those aew all from Japan.


Peppe’s Course 2: Tartare of Deer
Pumpkin – Grapefruit – Chestnut

Even though the side dish and the crust on top of the tartare is very tasty, the real taste of the deer hardly comes out. We are a little bit disappointed, remembering the amazing tartare of deer we had the previous year in a bar in Shanghai.


My Course 2: Couscous
Seven vegtables – Saffronsud – Spicefoam

Very tasty blend of vegetables. The couscous remembers Peppe the typical Sicilian flavours.

JSL_7438Our Course 3: M’rouzia of Ox
Quince – Almond

Soup made from beef, almond and onion. A bit too salty for both of us.


Our Course 4: Skrei
Cauliflower – Pomelo – Lemon Velouté

The fish is so tender, perfectly cooked. Actually I really like the side dish, different flavours explode in my mouth. The small pieces of cauliflower go very well with the sauces.


Our Course 5:  Main Course Surprise...well lamb..

At this point, I turn to Peppe with my most angry face: “I don’t eat lamb!”. This really is a surprise. Peppe gets all my meat.

“Well, I have to say the lamb steaks are amazing, it is a pity you don’t eat lamb.”


Our Course 6: Fondue of Comté
Fruitbread – Frozen Sorrel

As soon as I put the spoon in my mouth: “Oh my gosh, it’s a dessert, but it’s salty!” I’ve never had a salty dessert before, that’s, once again, amazing.


Peppe’s Course 7: Caramelparfait
Mace – Chocolate – Apple

It is incredible how the chef masters the different textures and temperatures, creating  great mixes.


My Course 7: Clementine Sorbet
Verbenafoam – Pineapple – Sefa

Again a playful mix of textures and flavours. I normally don’t like the usual contrast of sweet and sour. In this case the delicate sourness of the orange perfectly fit the sweetness of the dish. This is a perfect dessert.

Exceptionally we skip the usual espresso. Peppe already had too much coffee in the office and I won’t be able to sleep if I get an espresso at 11PM. Yes, it was quite a long dinner, but we’ve enjoyed every bit of it. Certainly a great place where to celebrate a special occasion and definitely a very romantic one.


Lehmweg 29, 20251 Hamburg
+49 (0) 42937788
Dinner Only


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