A Cozy Space of Taste: MARKTZEIT in der Fabrik

Food Market | Hamburg | Germany | Saturday

It’s been already 6 months since we’ve moved to Hamburg and it’s a shame that we’ve found out only now that right behind the corner of our place, there is one of the best food market of the city. It’s a small one, compared for instance to Markthalle Neun in Berlin.

After a quick walk around, we’ve started our tour with a cheese cake.

We continued with some fingerfood, a mix of Italian and French appetisers.

Right outside the entrance, a huge BBQ rig was cooking and smoking wonderful briskets and sausages. We felt compelled to trying their fantastic burger. Obviously a good brisket is impossible to be cooked at home, so this is what we would expect from a market.

After taking a picture of the selection of oils offered by this booth, the vendor started talking to us, explaining many different things about the product. We then started tasting almost all of them and we totally fell for the hazelnut oil. I must say that he’s very good at doing business: he shared a little secret, the hazelnut oil goes incredibly well with some 9 year old balsamic vinegar. It goes without saying that we also bought the vinegar.

Many other booths in the market offer food from many countries, but unfortunately we could not try all of them. Next time we’ll make sure to have room enough in our belly to try all of them.

One of the highlights of the place is the offering of drinks, which makes alcohol lovers (like us, ahah) very happy, even though it was 10AM. A vast selection of craft beer can be found in the market.

A mast do is to take a look at the market from the balcony upstairs. It’s quite funny seeing the busy market from this angle.


The venue is actually a concert hall, as you can see from the many posters next to Peppe’s shocked face.

 MARKTZEIT in der Fabrik
Barnerstr. 36, 22765 Hamburg
Oct 1 – April 30
Saturday: 9:30 – 15:00


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