A good deal for a Business Lunch: Trific

Hamburg | International | Bib Gourmand | Lunch | €~€€

Business lunch costs 18 Euro for 3 courses. No English menu but the waitress is very friendly and helpful.


White Bean Soup with Pesto
I really needed some soup for the cold weather, so I ordered this one together with a 3 courses business lunch. The soup was creamy and its thickness was perfect.


Vitello Heibutto
My favourite dish in this meal. Mayo-like cream covered by thin sliced veal. Love the tenderness of the veal. The cream has been processed with salty fish flavour.

Moules Frites: Mussels Steamed in White Wine with Homemade Fries and Mayo
1/3 of the mussels still had sand inside, quite annoying. At least the homemade fries were good.


Potato Dumpling (Topfenknödel) with Rhubarb
First time for me to try this typical German dish.


Espresso is acid, a bit watery

Bib Gourmand
Holzbrücke 7, 20459 Hamburg
+49 (0) 40 41919046


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