It’s Time, Xmas: Weihnachtsmarkt

Food Market | Hamburg | Germany | Christmas

It is the time of the year when Xmas markets show up around the city. This is our first Weihnachtsmarkt visit after moving to Hamburg.

The market in front of the Rathhaus is the historical Xmas market in hamburg, much less people during the day, but the daylight reduces the Xmas feeling.

This shop sells a kind of pizza, seems particularly popular.

dsc_0441Well, the bread part is nothing special, although there are lots of herbs inside, but the topping with cream, cheese and bacon was quite tasty, specially when it was freshly made – warm.

dsc_0452The city hall from the other side of the Alster.

We got back at night again, with the lights-up, the whole Xmas market looks more vivid and let’s say more crowded.

The Xmas lights are amazing in the market.

dsc_0530Time to have a Glühwein to warm us up in this cold weather and start the shopping tour:)

So many handcrafted goods which you can buy to decorate your home or as gifts to your friends.

Really liked the paper cutting in the bowl, though it’s a pity that we don’t have a Xmas tree at home this year and have no idea where to put it. Peppe has already complained a lot of so many little crafts I collected during the past trips.

dsc_0515Partially like the feeling of looking at the Xmas trees in the house from outside, expresses the warmness in the house.

Not only there is a little train driving around the roof, but also we managed to experience Santa’s flight. It happens every day at 18:00 sharp.

We were kind of hungry by the time we finished the window shopping, Peppe was skeptical about the fire-grilled salmon sandwich since he wanted a meat one. But surprisingly the salmon was very delicious.

dsc_0496A nice night walk around in Alster with Xmas market and the stunning lakeside view.


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